Technical support for Mauvila Jigsaw Puzzle Simulator

Problem : I clicked on the button to launch the program but it didn't work.  I got some other screen. 

Solution : Make sure you have the latest version of the Java platform on your computer.  It is a free download and can be found by clicking on the Java link button at the bottom of this page.  If this is not the problem, please tell us through the feedback page.


Problem : The program ignores the directories I specified in the program configuration.  Also, the file dialog doesn't have any type of filter or even a suggestion on what to name my saved puzzles.

Solution : Your Java Web Start client (i.e. the program on your computer that runs whenever you click on the Web Start icon on your computer's menu) is most likely choosing to ignore "suggestions" on what directory to start in and what file types to look for when running its open/save dialogs.  While this is not technically a bug, it would be great if Sun (or whoever) changes this behavior in future releases. 

    If you are an "advanced user", you can run the program straight from the JAR file.  Just be sure to download mvPuzzle.jar and jnlp.jar.  To run the sample puzzles, you will have to download additional JAR files (e.g. MpzMisc.jar). 


Problem : When I click on a puzzle collection on the 'Open sample puzzle' screen, I get a message that says the program cannot find the needed file. 

Solution : Make sure you are using a standard version of Java Web Start.  The beta version of Java 1.5.0 may or may not be able to load the sample puzzles.  If you are don't know if you are using the beta version or not, then you probably are not. 


Problem : My mouse only has one button... I can't rotate the pieces.

Solution : I have fixed this problem.  Be sure you have the latest version of the puzzle program.  The spacebar now simulates the right mouse button.






If you have not found an answer to your question, please ask us through feedback.


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